Monday, December 19, 2011

Bro. Ray Driscoll

Our Dear Friend Bro. Ray Driscoll

I have known Bro. Ray and Sis. Beulah Driscoll all of my life. For many years they attended the church I was raised in and some of my earliest memories include Bro. Ray, Sis. Beulah and their family. They have been Godly examples to me and countless others. They were always kind, gentle and good. They set a great example of faithfulness, loyalty and prayer and loved going to the house of God. They also personally encouraged Kelly Jo and I at crucial times in our life experiences and we will never forget it.

Bro. Ray has always been playful and in the picture above taken at Dryden Rd. Campmeeting in 2007 you can see his mischievous smile. He loved to pick on Kelly Jo. He would call her "trouble" when she told him often she was going to sit on the front row with him. That is probably the conversation that preceded the picture above and the cause of the smile. He lived fully, loved well and laughed often.

Bro. Ray has struggled with his health for several years but he and Sis. Beulah kept right on going to church, revivals and campmeetings. Bro. Ray insisted on going to church the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving at Dryden Road. The following day Bro. Ray loss the use of his legs and was confined to bed. I know he was glad he went to church on his last opportunity. Friday morning December 16th about 7:00 in the morning Bro. Ray left Sis. Beulah and made his way HOME.

Bro. Ray and Sis. Beulah have a beautiful family. Please pray for them today, tomorrow during the funeral, over the holidays and then beyond. They certainly need the comfort and help of God right now.

Bro. Ray loved to worship the Lord, dance in the Spirit, leap for joy, read from the Psalms and pray with others in the altar. He absolutely loved church service and being in the presence of the Lord. There is no doubt that Bro. Ray is happy and joyful in the God's presence now. 

We loved Bro. Ray dearly and we miss him already.


Sis. Beulah in a lighthearted moment at Dryden Rd. campmeeting 2008


  1. I hadn't heard about Bro. Ray. He and Sis. Beulah are precious! Happy Homecoming, Bro. Ray!


  2. We met Brother and Sister Driscoll at Shady Springs a few years back and really enjoyed being around them. Thought they might be kin to Tami's Mom since her maiden name was Driscoll but... couldn't make the connection. I know he will be missed.

    We will pray for the family and Sister Driscoll.

  3. Glad you were able to make Bro. Ray's acquaintance, Bro. Riggs. He was a wonderful man. God blessed and helped in the funeral service.



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