Friday, December 16, 2011

Texting and Driving

This is powerful. If you text and drive please, please, please watch this. If your friends, spouse, kids, grandkids, siblings or neighbors text and drive forward this link to them. Make them watch it. If you insist on texting and driving after watching this.... It's been nice knowing you....

These are real lives that have been disastrously touched by something that many of us have done. It could have been us. Do we really need a law to tell us that texting and driving is a bad idea. Maybe we do... but we shouldn't. Not after this...

Let me know what you think.....



  1. Great video!!!! I seen it months ago.

  2. Great reminder for our young people. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Davy, this is a sad truth. But with this post if just one young life can be saved, it is worth the effort. Thank you and bless you. Brandi my youngest will be driving this April. She will see this video. Thank you.


  4. Thanks for posting this Brother Davy. I have quit the texting/driving and (with the help of our draftsman..."Choco-Brocco Man") I have quit the talking/driving. I would add to Stephanie's comment that this is a reminder for everyone...

    Again...Thanks and God Bless!

  5. I have seen this before Davy and as I watched it just now again I cried, this touches home with me so much because they beelive the woman that killed my cousin Aaron nAdams and his girfiend Amy was texting AND eating. I have not text and drove since his death and I never will again. Thank you for posting this. Merry Christmas! I love you all !!
    Deborah Isaacs

  6. Thanks so much for posting..I just got my permit and definately wont be texting and driving now!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this post. It needs to be taught and shown to police officers and they need to remember to follow those rules and be an example also. I had a near head on collision with a police officer that was texting holding his phone at the top of his steering wheel while driving. That is not a professional, law abiding example. Thank God i seen him going over the yellow line and had time to hit the gravel to avoid an accident. Thank you 54yr old woman


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