Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas with the Steve Boggs Family at J. Alexander's

Steve, Deidre, Karen, Odie, KJ, Victor and Isaac in the front.

Steve, my oldest brother and his family take care of our mail all year long and have been doing it for nine years now. We have our mail sent to a P.O. Box in Waynesville. They collect it and then forward it to us some where across America about every two-three weeks. Mail day is one of the simple things in life that brings me pleasure so it is great to have somebody trustworthy and dependable to take care of it for me. Steve also takes care anything else at home that requires personal attention. He is a huge help to us!

When we are home around Christmas we take Steve and his family out to eat in appreciation for the time, trouble and money the use taking care of our mail and various other things. Eight out of the last nine years we have went to J.Alexander's. It is a regional (I just discovered that they have a lot more locations than they use too.) restaurant that specializes in good steak and it is tremendous. The food is great and the service is about as good as you will find anywhere.

We went Monday night and had lots of food, fun, fellowship and frivolity. We love being with Steve and his family. The food was awesome as usual and it was a good time all around. 

I want to say publicly to Steve that I appreciate all that you and your family do for us to make it easier for us to remain on the road and fulfill our calling from the Lord. Thank you very, very, very much. I am already looking forward to next Christmas!

Some of the pictures below may be dangerous to view close to meal time. You may bite your pen in two or drool on your computer. Please be careful and view at your own risk, especially toward the bottom of the page.


Kelly Jo's Steak Tacos

Karen's Crabcake 

Colossal Onion Rings

Chips and Spinach Con Queso

Odie and Deidre ordered the Hyde Park Sandwich

Steve's end piece of Prime Rib 

And mine.... Best I have ever had!


  1. Knowing you boys, that cow was still mooing when they put that steak in front of you!!! hahaha

  2. Lol! Steve had to slap his steak twice because it was trying to eat his potato!


  3. I almost asked if there was a Vet in the house. He might have gotten it up and walking around. Super meal, thanks guys. Be safe.


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