Sunday, December 13, 2009


Bro Berkley Rose-One of our favorite musicians.

This morning we were intending to go to our home church at Dryden
Rd. But the jeep would not start. That's the 1st time it's let me down
completely. Since we are parked at Dodds church we went there Sunday
morning. Pastor Rex Lloyd asked me to preach so I went after the lost.
We had a good service and Holy Ghost conviction was very strong. That
shows how much I know about where I'm supposed to be sometimes.

Dad helped me get the jeep running so we were able to keep our
commitment for Sunday night. We went to Victory Pentecostal in
Hamilton where Bro. Donald Pierce is the pastor. We had a great time
there even though the Pierce family is in Alabama for the Holiday with
his family.

We were able to see many friends in each service and we enjoyed
that very much. Bro. Berkley is one of them and he stood still long
enough to get a pic.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. The laundry from the trip
needs to be done, we need to work on a newsletter and the jeep needs
to go to the shop.

God bless,

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