Monday, December 7, 2009

Altar Service

The crowd for the conference in Ibadan was smaller than the
conference in Abeokuta. There were between 60-70 in attendance. But
those that were present were really touched by God.
After I finished preaching I called the people to the front and
prayed for them. I then called for Bro. Shobanke and he PRAYED for all
of us. I'm not kidding when I say he probably prayed as hard as he
could for at least 35-40 minutes or more. While he prayed we had a
continual Holy Ghost outpouring in that place. The Fire Fell from
Heaven and baptised us once again.
Praise God for a move of His Spirit among the preachers and church
workers! Thanks for praying. Tomorrow the topic is "Pentecost and The
Faithfulness It Brings."
The Crusade continues tonight behind Pastor Kuye's church. There
are many Muslims in the area of the church. Please pray that God will
work in these Crusade services to break the chains of darkness that
keep these precious people in Bondage.
The sermon tonight, "The Awesome Power In The Name of Jesus!"

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