Tuesday, December 8, 2009

His Grace

First, I need to correct a post from yesterday. I didn't type the
full name of the church. The name of the church for the Minister's
Conference this week is "His Grace Evangelical Church."

The conference was good again today. We had great response in both
sessions and the Lord really blessed.
You might assume that when you have a Minister's Conference that
is sponsored by Pentecostals you would only attract Pentecostal
preachers. Especially with the conference theme of Pentecost. But my
experience in 2007 taught me differently. I knew there would be
preachers and church workers from all types of churches. So I planned
When I finished the second session today I first called for those
that did not have the Baptism of The Holy Ghost but desired to be
filled. Twelve men and women responded and then the rest gathered
behind them. We then had a great move of the Holy Ghost.
I did not get to talk to any of them after church but I know they
were touched by the Lord.
One more Crusade service and one more service in the Minister's
Conference and soon we will be headed home. Please continue to pray
for us.

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