Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday morning

A picture of Odie and our driver Emmanuel. He is Bro. Shobanke's
nephew and is a great driver.

It is shortly after 11 am and we are preparing to leave for
Ibadan. We are supposed to leave around 12:30. We will be in Ibadan
until Wednesday night. When we finish there we will return to Abeokuta
before flying out of Lagos Thursday night.
We have not been to Ibadan in Oyo State but we are looking forward
to it. We have met some of the Pastors from there and we are looking
for a move of God. We will be having the Crusade at one church and the
Minister's Conference in another. Pray that God will help us.
We do not know about wifi there so we may be dependent on Odies
phone service for updates. I will let you know then.
God bless you every one.

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