Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/8/09 Gospel Crusade

Tonight was the last night of the Crusade in Ibadan and we had the
biggest crowd yet. Bro. Kuye's people have embraced us and loved us
and my heart has been touched. There is no way I can understand the
hardships and heartache they feel every day but my heart is filled
with compassion for them. I will remember them and pray for them long
after I am gone from Nigeria.
Pray that God will bless and keep Pastor Kuye and his people.

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  1. Surely some of these christians are the ones in that great multitude which no man could number that the apostle John saw(Rev.7:9)also among them are those who's lives will forever be changed by your efforts.Your photos move me ,each picture speaks to the inner man,he cries,he shouts and is greatly affected.Part of me wishes to be there with you all to soak in all that is going on there.May The Almighty continue to Bless and Enrich you all,Kurt McCrorey


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