Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12/1/09 Crusade

Tonight was the third night of the Gospel Crusade in Abeokuta. We
had several come forward for salvation and the Spirit of the Lord was
present to save and to heal.
One young lady that came to the altar really gripped my heart and I
wept and wept over her. She literally dragged herself along the ground
to the altar. I was only able to speak with her briefly but I asked
one of the pastors to get me her name and information. When I have
that I will tell you more about her.
I feel God's presence here very close but I see so many needs that
it makes me realize I need Him so much more.
The pic is of Bro. Shobanke and the Pastors under him. L-R Bro.
Lawrence, Bro. Isaiah, Bro. Israel, Bro. Shobanke, Davy, Bro. Amos &
Bro. Steven.
Bro. Lawrence pastors the church I preached in Sat. night and
Bro. Steven is his assistant.
Bro. Isaiah pastors the church I will preach in Fri. night and
Bro. Amos is his Assistant.
Bro. Israel helps Bro. Shobanke.

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