Tuesday, January 3, 2023

A Very Boggs Christmas 2022

Christmas afternoon we spent with the Boggs Family. That has been our custom for many years and it seems to work for all of us. We had a few missing this year because of sickness, but we were able to trudge on through the meal somehow.😋

Speaking of the meal, it was good, as you would expect any Boggs meal to be. With a name like Boggs, the food has got to be good!😍

We had a good afternoon together and that pretty much wrapped up our Christmas celebrations. Unless, of course, you count lunch at Odie's the next day. AND I certainly count Odie's the next day, so I will have some pictures of that later.

Until then, I hope you enjoy these Boggs Christmas pictures. Odie said that Deidre and Victor took some of these pictures too

Thank you for stopping by.


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