Saturday, January 7, 2023

Pausing To Praise

Note From Davy:  A dear friend of ours, Mark Capps, was tragically killed Thursday and we learned of it on Friday. We are in shock and disbelief! Mark was a long time employee of the Isaacs and our friend for 12 years. There are more questions than answers concerning his death and I simply do not know what to say about it at this time. Please pray for the Isaacs and Mark's family and friends.

Now, here is Odie!
Hey Friends, 

This is Odie reporting in from the road. The BoggsMobile is Tennessee bound. I am excited to be on the road again. This week, we had a fabulous time with our precious friends in London, Kentucky. 

Pausing To Praise
Recently I was praying for some extra special needs of people close to my heart. The actual needs of people are endless! So many people need God to move desperately in their lives! The sufferings and afflictions of my friends break my heart! 

I wish my words had the power to move mountains, heal the sick and save the lost soul! I was reminded that you and I have the privilege of helping our brothers and sisters. We can bear part of their burdens by going to God in prayer! God does have the power to turn things around!

I felt the need to pause to thank God for answering prayers in 2022. Reflecting on so many answered prayers from last year, I began to rejoice. The goodness of God is amazing!

As I reminisced, my faith was growing one more time! We are one week into 2023, and I am excited to watch God move in the days ahead! God can do the impossible this year for you and me!

I cannot share all of the prayers He has answered! There are a few I want to share today! I pray this will help you believe that God to move in your needs too!

Chloe Jean Shoemaker
My sweet cousin Chloe Jean will turn 1 on January 20th. Click here to see some of her story. She has already traveled through some scary situations in her short life! The exact details of her troubles are too many to write here. God has already performed many miracles in her little body.

Many of you helped us pray for her and her family. We are so grateful! I still regularly get texts from people checking on her.

She is doing wonderful now! They had a checkup with the liver specialist last month. All of their tests came back good. Now she can go 6 months between the specialist visits! 

Both of these pictures were taken on Christmas Day. As you can see here, she loves food! She is growing quite nicely! I am so thankful for this little one! Her smile brightens my world!

Bro. Larry and Sis. Rosemary Landress
In November, our dear friends Larry and Rosemary Landress were in a horrific car wreck. I shared a prayer request for them here in this post. 

Thank God they are both doing much better! They are now at their home in Oklahoma. Their recovery is still an ongoing process. God has brought them a long way in the last two months! I know they would appreciate your continued prayers!

The first texts I received from both of them post accident, I cried tears of joy! Then a couple weeks ago, I was able to talk to them on the phone for a moment. I rejoiced in my heart! They have been our friends for so long! I am so thankful God allowed them to stay with us longer! I can not wait to hug them again!

Becky Isaacs Bowman
Many of you are fellow Isaacs fans. Some of you let me know that you have been praying for our cousin. Becky Isaacs Bowman was involved in a head on collision three weeks ago!

God was merciful and spared her life! The injuries she experienced were not life threatening! Although, the injuries were life altering for a while! She underwent major surgery to fix the damage to her legs and knee. 

We are thankful that God has helped her so much already! This picture was taken 13 days before the accident.

Becky spent 2 weeks in the hospital and rehab. She was released to recover at home on December 30th. She cannot put weight on her legs, and the predicted recovery time is extremely lengthy. 

I know Becky and her family appreciate all the prayers on their behalf! The prayers have carried them through this valley! For more updates, check the Isaacs and John Bowman Ministries pages. 

Friends, as we move forward this year, remember God is still doing miracles for His children. He really does hear and answer our prayers. Keep praying and believing!

Thanks for visiting with me today. See you next week.

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