Monday, January 16, 2023

The Weekend Dispatch 1/16/23

Our weekend began Thursday morning in Tennessee. As I started to go outside to unhook the utilities and get ready to ride, we heard raindrops on the roof. I was hoping the few drops were only a fluke, but they were not. It was the beginning of a day of rain.

Bad habits begin one day at a time. We drove in the rain the previous travel day and set up at Gruetli Laager in the rain. 

Thursday when we left it was raining again. In fact, it mostly rained for four hours before the sun would shine. 

Two travel days in the rain to begin the year is the beginning of a bad habit. This must change soon or we will have one more bad habit that we do not need.

The Alabama Welcome Center on I-59 has a place to empty holding tanks that we have used before. We stopped there to do the work of the evangelist before moving on.

Because of our slow start in the rain and the narrow roads to I-24, we never even averaged 60 MPH for the day, We pulled into the Mississippi Welcome Center near Toomsuba, Mississippi at 3:30 PM after 326 miles for the day.

We had no idea until later in the evening that there was severe weather all around us. Several states were hit with tornadoes, including Alabama. Thank the Lord for protecting the ignorant.

Look at the beautiful sunshine!

KJo prepared a nice meal and we relaxed all afternoon before going to bed early!

Friday morning we only had 271 miles to go plus a twenty mile detour to one of our favorite buffets in Florence, Mississippi.

Once we arrived at Barry's Seafood and Steak Buffet in Florence, Mississippi, Odie informed me she was buying lunch for my upcoming birthday. If possible, that made it taste a little bit better. Thank you Odie!

After lunch, I took a short siesta in the bus and then we drove another 150 mile to a rest area in Louisiana for a total of 258 miles for the day. The only other stop was our first fuel stop of the year.

We finished the trip just after noon Saturday and Bro. and Sis. Brandon met us at the church in Bernice. They helped us get loaded in and by 3:00 KJo and I were finished setting up and getting soundcheck.

After resting a while Saturday evening, we met Pastor Brandon and his family for supper. The meal and fellowship were both great and we enjoyed the evening.

Sunday services were great and we are praising God for His help. Our first revival here was in early 2020, but we have known some of the church folks for over twenty years. We also preached several times for Bro. and Sis. Brandon years ago in Stockton, California. It is amazing to trace the handiwork of God in our lives.

Odie snapped some great pictures yesterday and here they are. 

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for stopping by for a few moments. I hope to see you back here tomorrow.


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