Thursday, January 19, 2023

A Status Symbol

The USA has always been a nation where it was possible for its people to be upwardly mobile economically, societally and socially. No matter how poor you are born and with no regard for the trying circumstances you endure in your youth, it is possible in our nation to get an education, work hard and rise above your hardscrabble beginning.

My formal education stopped after high school graduation. KJ and I were married twenty days after my last day of school and real life began. I could have continued my education and worked a full time job like thousands have done, but I did not.

However, I did not stop learning. I have always read about a wide variety of subjects and  I am confident my education has been furthered way beyond high school, one day at a time, one article and one book at a time. 

As we have progressed economically, it seems the nation might have outpaced us, but we have food to eat, a car to drive and a tube to live it. 

In our world today, those things are definitely things to be thankful for and we are extremely grateful. We do not feel cheated or "less than" at all.

We have never chased a status symbol. We have worked hard, purchased the supplies we needed and pressed on, just exactly like most Americans. It is living from day to day without any need or desire for a stamp of approval from those that have "made" it.

Some people may think the BoggsMobile is a symbol of status, but it is simply a necessary tool. We have lived in the bus for nearly 15 years. Trust me, there is no high class in that. It is more Partridge Family/Popular Mechanics than any type of emblem of success.😁

We have had no proof of upward mobility until now. I will present proof before this Mile Marker is ended that I have finally achieved status worthy of marking with a badge of honor. I am not sure what the tipping point was, but I have the evidence. 

I need to go back several years to begin to explain.

Many years ago, we needed some work completed on the roof of the bus. A tornado blew over us dropping a bucket of hail on us in a few moments. The roof needed to be stripped, painted and new clear coat applied.

We were in the south and needed to move out of the bus for 4-5 days. There was an advertisement for a vacation home in Navarre Florida that checked all the boxes on VRBO.

It had a list of amenities kind of like this.
-Two bedroom
-Two bathrooms
-Shared pool
-BBQ grill
-Beach Access
-Within walking access to the fishing pier
-Gated access
-Private assigned parking space
-Private balcony
-Ocean view
-Central Air Condition
-Fully equipped kitchen
-Pot and pans

And listed in the amenities as prominently as beach access and two bathrooms was a feature that blew our minds. Are you ready?

Corn Cob Holders

Yep, believe it or not, we actually stayed in a rental for most of a week that came equipped with Corn Cob Holders!

We have often wondered and laughed about how corn cob holders made it onto the list. Can you imagine the conversation?

"Hey, honey, help me with this list for VRBO. 
Sure, did you tell them about the beach? 
Yes sir.
Washer and dryer?
The ocean view? 
Yep, sure did. 
What about the corn on the cob holders? 
Oops, I almost missed the corn cob holders!
You do not want to forget that. 
No one would consider renting our vacation home without corb cob holders!"
When we have looked at anything since then we have asked each other, does it come with corn cob holders?

Here is a nice place to stay.
Does it come with corn cob holders?

This one is right on the beach.
Does it come with corn cob holders?
This cabin is nestled in the mountains.
Does it come with corn cob holders?

Hey, this one is $200 cheaper than the others
It probably does not have corn cob holders.

I love the color of this Jeep
Does it come with corn cob holders?

These tires have a better warranty.
Check for corn cob holders!

Hehe! We have had way too much fun from that for years and still do!😎

Now, we are laughing again! I have proof that we are movin' uptown. The status symbol has arrived.

Look what I received as a gift during a Christmas game with KJo's family! 

I am the proud owner of my own set of corn on the cob holders! Can you believe it? I scarce can take it in!

I'm moving on up. To the top! I thought you might want to know. You can ride my coattails up if you like!

Thank you for reading Mile Markers today.



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