Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Weekend Dispatch 1/24/23

 This was a terrific weekend!

After a super great final service Friday night several men helped us load up the sound equipment and we said our goodbyes to our friends in Bernice, Louisiana. We made our way toward the bed as quickly as we could so that we would be able to hit the road Saturday morning.

Here is the BoggsMobile ready to go at 7:40 AM Saturday morning.

As soon as we turned on the highway, KJo handed sunglasses to me. Yes, it was so sunny before 8:00 AM that sunglasses were required equipment. That was a welcome change. Thankfully, we drove in sunshine for about three hours. It was wonderful.

The clouds moved in for hour number four and then the rain followed the clouds. It rained most of the rest of the trip, but we had no rain while driving through Houston. That was a huge plus!

We had an interesting fuel stop at Love's in Angleton, Texas, south of Houston.

The BoggsMobile needed 165+ gallons to reach full capacity. That is our largest fillup on record by volume, although we have had numerous 158-162 gallon fillups in the past. The interesting and frustrating part was the time. The pump took 32 minutes to pump in 165+ gallons of diesel.

The second truck to pull in next to me took on 300 gallons in just over 10 minutes. I must have had the slowest pump in the history of Texas! Wow! 32 minutes seemed even longer with the rain and cool wind.

The BoggsMobile pulled into Full Gospel Lighthouse Saturday at 3:55 PM after 391 miles and a little over eight hours including the loooooong fuel stop.

Pastor Larry Lamb met us at the church and we rolled in equipment and set up later in the evening. 

Sunday morning in Ohio was cold with lots of snow. We are super glad to be in Texas.

Both Services Sunday in Sweeny were fantastic and they served a meal after both services too. It really was a super great Sunday!

We are so glad to be with Bro. Lamb and his congregation. We have been coming here since the early 1990s and is a joy to be back with them. Revival is scheduled to go through Friday, but Bro. Lamb has given me permission to close Wednesday if I think I need to. I will make that decision later.

Thank you for joining us.


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