Thursday, January 12, 2023

Odie's Excellent Christmas Meal!

Our Christmas traditions have been firmly in place for many years. We have celebrated Christmas with Kelly Jo's family on Christmas Eve and with the Boggs family on Christmas Day. Early Christmas morning has always been reserved for me, KJo and Odie!

Our personal time on Christmas morning does not include a meal most times, just us together reminiscing, opening presents and being together. These traditions have worked great for us and filled Christmas with lots of joy.

Odie's first Christmas in her house added another Christmas tradition. She wanted a time to cook a meal for us and invite us into her space for a Christmas meal. Well, if it involves food, count us in.

We have added that tradition the day after Christmas at lunch time. Some years we need to roll on December 26 and we adjust accordingly, but when possible, that is our day at Odie's.

This year, she prepared an excellent meal.

Carnitas! A pork roast with green sauce and white cheese served with beans. Wow!

The carnitas were so very good and I was able to eat on them for two or three days. Wow Again! Odie may make a good cook after all. She sure is making a good effort and she can practice on me any time.

I can hardly wait until next Christmas to see what is on the table. Forget under the tree, the table is where it is for me!

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  1. That food does look great! Good job Odie…….Priscilla and I may surprise you next year on the 26th if food like that is involved. lol
    See you down the road

    1. Thank you!! I'd love to cook for y'all!
      See you down the road!


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