Monday, October 7, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 10/7/19

We had a wonderful Homecoming weekend at Tanner Williams in Wilmer, Alabama. The weather was warm, but beautiful and the services were outstanding. Oh, and no travel on Saturday. That makes for a great weekend.

Friday afternoon and Saturday evening enjoyed super meals and tremendous fellowship with the Apostle, the Epistle and their daughter Rachel and her husband Kevin. 

Bro. Kevin and Sis. Rachel live in Oklahoma, but they try to be here for Homecoming every year. It is always a treat to be with them. We were blessed to preach in their home church for the first time in May of this year, but we have known them for a long time.

The final night of revival was Friday and we had another good crowd and a good response in the altar.

The girls spent quite a bit of the day in Mobile Saturday. I left the bus long enough to change the oil in the generator on Saturday morning and to eat supper with our friends that evening, as I mentioned earlier.

Sunday morning was the big Homecoming service and it was awesome. I have never been to a church where so many folks from the community attend the Homecoming service and enjoy it so much. Bro. Donnie has served the people of this community as their Pastor for 29 years and they love him.

I think we first preached Homecoming revival here in 2009 and we have preached it every other year since. We LOVE it.

The crowd was great, the service was great, the preaching was average and the meal was super great! Odie took some great pictures and I added a few in during the meal.

When the festivities were over, we loaded up the sound equipment, cranked the bus, unhooked the utilities and hit the road. It takes quite a while to work the bus around to the interstate when going north in Mobile, but when we did, we dropped the hammer and rolled some miles.

I wanted to drive farther, but at the 200 mile mark, I knew I was about finished. There are very few available places to park between Birmingham, Alabama and Chatanooga, Tennessee, so I knew I needed to stop before Birmingham or I was in for a long night.

A rest area near Clanton caught our eye and the big spaces were nearly empty when we pulled in. That is all the "sign" I need! It took us 3 hours and 45 minutes to drive 230 miles, but we arrived safe and secure.

Today will be a driving day. Thank you for joining us.


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