Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Taking The Tent Down In Richton, Mississippi

Here we are at the first day of October. It is almost unbelievable. 2019 will soon be history, but we have a bunch of things to do before it is over.

As I mentioned as part of yesterday's weekend report, the tent came down Saturday for the final time of the year without a single hitch. A good group of men and women from Richton showed up at noon and soon the work they came to do was completed.

The potential problem in taking down the tent the day after revival closes, is wondering if enough people will come to help get it down. That was no problem at all Saturday in Richton and that makes me and Kelly Jo smile big toothy grins. 
 😁  😁  😁 

We appreciate Pastor Scott Morris and his folks arriving on time and getting the work done. I saw lots of smiles, we enjoyed some laughs and had a good time in the process. Thank you much, friends!

50 minutes after we began taking the tent down, the trailer was loaded and secured and we were taking this group picture.

We had three pieces of the tent up in Richton so there are a few more straps to wrap up, a few more stakes to pull, a few more poles to put away and an extra 22'x48' section of tent to fold. That did not seem to slow this crew down much at all.

Watch how fast they worked.

And we have the slow motion version that Odie captured one frame at a time for you.

Thank you for dropping in today. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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