Monday, October 21, 2019

The Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 10/21/19

Are you ready for a huge weekend post packed with lots of information and pictures? Well, buckle your seat belt and make sure your seat back tray is in the upright and locked position. Here we go!

The weekend started with a super great service at Camp Meeting in Elkton Friday morning. We enjoyed the presence of the Lord and heard clearly the Word of the Lord. You can not get much better than that. Actually, it was even better. It was a gorgeous day in the mountains too!

Sis. Shuecraft helping us sing Friday morning. Odie Who?😂😂

Hello, Sis. Whitney!!! Leave a Comment If you Know What Is Good For You! Lol

After lunch, Pastor Gabbard took a few of us to tour their school. Bible Holiness launched a school this fall and the city of Elkton is giving them fits every step of the way. In the meantime, they rented an old public school less than ten miles away in the next county. It is a beautiful place.

It was really cool to see all of that. May God bless them in their efforts!

Friday night was awesome!  Praise God for all of His might help!

We had to wait for the parking lot to clear out Friday evening before we could get the BoggsMobile extracted from the parking lot. But the truth is, we were having a wonderful time fellowshipping with a bunch of our friends. We Really hated to leave.

The bus finally made an exit from the parking lot at 12:25 AM. I had no idea how far I would be able to drive. It turns out, I did pretty good. After driving 160 miles, we stopped at a Walmart in Dublin, Virginia right off of I-81.

It was about 3:35 AM when we laid down and by 10:00 we were pulling out of Walmart and pointing the BoggsMobile toward Vonore, Tennessee. 243 miles later, we were inside the gate at East Tennessee Luxury Coach. I will write more about it in another post, but Jeff had ordered some parts earlier in the week and he installed them Saturday.

We left there a few minutes after 3:00 PM and by the time we arrived at the interstate, we had learned that I-40 was closed between Knoxville and Kingston due to an accident. Initial reports said the road would be closed until 9:00 PM.

We stopped at Loudon and decided the alternate route was "doable" in the bus. 

We pressed on, but not without trepidation. It was a white knuckle drive for the first 16 very slow miles. Once we turned north, the road was much better but the stress level went up about four notches.

Our Garmen Truckers GPS started screaming at us. It kept saying NO TRUCKS ALLOWED. I first said, "What are those little Xs all over the road?"

We stopped at the side of the road and tried to figure out why it was saying no trucks. Kelly checked the birds-eye view on Google and I checked the street view and we could not see any low clearances or lightweight bridges. We decided to "live a little" and tromped on the gas pedal.

We still do not know what the problem was, but the road was wide open to trucks and buses. We arrived at I-40 west of the accident fine. The slow detour probably added an hour or more to the drive and probably shaved an hour or more off of my life, but we made it.

The only other exciting thing on Saturday was a stop for fuel in Baxter, Tennessee shortly before stopping for the night.

Kelly Jo snapped this while driving in Tennessee Saturday.

Sunday morning we left the rest area, slipped through Nashville with no trouble at all and then enjoyed a wonderful breakfast northwest of town. We stopped just before Paducah to rest and prepare for the Sunday night service. By 5:00, we were parked at High Point Pentecostal Church.

We have known Pastor Doug Stevens for a long time, but Sunday night was our first visit to the church he pastors, High Point Pentecostal Church. We enjoyed the service and we enjoyed meeting new friends. It was a great night.

Pastor Stevens sent me a few pictures from the service Sunday night. Thank you, friend.

Thank you for reading today.



  1. Hello!! Is it Easter time already??
    Hello friends! So glad ya'll got to be with us for a few days. Wasn't near long enough though. Come back soon but bring Odie next time!

    1. Hehe, I see you found the egg! We loved being there.



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