Saturday, October 26, 2019

The 2019 Deer Hunt

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in today. My day began extremely early. I am traveling by plane to Montana today. This evening I will be reunited with my parents.

Revival begins tomorrow at Sun Valley Church. We are excited to see our precious friends in Florence, Montana. We are looking forward to a fantastic time with Pastor Mike Metzger and family!

The 2019 Deer Hunt
Last Saturday was set aside for deer hunting. Everything was prepared and I was ready for the hunt. I was extremely confident that this would be the year that I would finally secure my first deer. I wanted to have some good news to share with you today. 

Well, to actually get a deer you must see one while you are hunting. Once I was in the woods, the deer decided to go incognito. We did get to see doves, turkeys, and a groundhog. It was cool to see those animals in action. 

We decided to try again on Monday afternoon and again the deer were in hiding. I was also prepared to try for a turkey if they showed up that time. The turkey were also hiding from me on Monday.

I had a wonderful time hunting this year! I was blessed to have two excellent guides with me. My Papaw Danny Morgan and Bro. Eric Medford worked so hard to get me a deer. They are determined that my dream will become a reality. I am extremely grateful for their help! Bro. Eric allowed me to use his equipment and hunt his prime spots! It was so awesome. Thank you, Papaw and Bro. Eric, so very much! I appreciate all of your hard work. 

I am glad I was able to hunt this year. I gained new memories, stories and experiences. I really enjoyed getting to learn how to use a crossbow. I will continue to look forward to getting a deer in the future. I will be a successful hunter. 

Have a great weekend. I will leave you with some pictures of our time hunting. 



  1. Aw man! I was hoping you’d get a deer!

    1. Ivy,

      Thank you. Me too! Hopefully I will get one next time.


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