Monday, August 12, 2019

Weekend Woundup and Weview 8/12/19

It has been a great weekend in Central City, Kentucky. We are so very glad to be here and to be a small part of what God is doing. There were many people listening beyond the tent the first night and that is very exciting. That is an indication that God is at work and if God is at work, things will be accomplished! Praise God!

I told you in Friday's post that we did not make it as far as we intended to travel Thursday. We ended up spending the night at a Pilot Truckstop in Pendleton, Kentucky. I was in bed early so I was up early. I waited until about 4:30 AM before I cranked the bus to leave.

Sometime in the night, a truck had backed in next to us and he was very close. I was concerned that the back of my trailer might swing into him getting out, but we made it. The truckstop was so full, we had to wiggle our way all the way to the exit.

Louisville traffic was nonexistent at that hour and we sailed right on through. By 5:30 AM I was filling up with diesel at Love's in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. We took on 162 gallons!

It was getting daylight when I pulled out of loves onto Western Kentucky Parkway and I drove right into pea soup.

What had been a very pleasant drive, was not very fun anymore. It started looking for a place to get off the road when it got even worse than the picture above.

At 7:30 I pulled into a travel plaza about 20 miles short of our destination. The fog was thick, I did not want to arrive that early and a nap seemed to be in order. I parked and climbed into bed. It felt so good that I almost climbed out and climbed back in again!

By noon, Central time we had pulled onto the tent site in Central City. Pastor Alan Harris met us there and we determined the best place for the tent, the bus and the tent trailer.

After we cleaned up, we met Bro. Alan and Sis. Tammy for a great meal and wonderful fellowship. We love these folks!

A few minutes before 8:00, Kelly Jo and I went outside to measure and mark the stake line for the tent. It was a beautiful evening.

Help was coming at 8:00 Saturday morning and by 7:00 I had everything ready to get the work done. We began carrying stakes at 8:05 and by 9:15 the tent was up, the chairs were in place and the tent had been tightened. It was a great setup and we will have pictures of that later in the week by God's grace.

Sunday morning, Pastor Harris had someone watch the tent and we went to their church and preached the Sunday morning service. It is always a pleasure to sing and preach at Trinity Pentecostal Church.

I had not slept enough to make much difference Saturday night so Kelly Jo and Odie kept an eye on things while I took a long winter's nap right in the middle of a summer afternoon. Wow!

At 4:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, Kelly Jo and I began working in order to be prepared for the first night. By 6:00 all was ready and the soundcheck was completed.

Sunday night was a great first night and we expect each service to build on the one before it. Please pray for us and for the people of Central City, Kentucky. There is no telling the wonders that God will perform among us IF we allow Him to do it.

Here are some pictures that Odie took Sunday night.

Some early visitors.

Thank you for tuning in today. May God bless you all.


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