Thursday, August 8, 2019

Revival In Pictures - Lebanon, Ohio

We have enjoyed another few days of revival at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio with Pastor EJ Lamb and all of his folks. We have been preaching revival here for a number of years and it seems as if it keeps getting better and better. Is that possible? It is with God!

Wow! Praise God for more strength, more blessings, more power and more grace! He is so good to us and all that will surrender to Him. That does not mean life is easy, but it does mean we have the promise of help during the difficult seasons. 

He sure helped a bunch of us this week. I never, never, never get tired of watching God work in lives! We have the Revival In Pictures below.

We are trying to pull things together so that we can leave sometime today and begin making our way to Central City, Kentucky. If we can not leave until Friday, that will be OK, but we are aiming for a Thursday departure.

Thank you for joining us today.


Odie found a desk for her house this week and Kelly Jo put it together.

We did not take the bus back to Anchor to load up the sound equipment so some of the young men helped us load it in the truck. Kelly Jo and I unloaded it in the barn and I will put it in the bus this morning.

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