Saturday, August 3, 2019

Birthdays And More

Hey Friends,

Happy Saturday, this is Odie coming to you from the beach cottage at the Lazy OD Ranch. I am thrilled to be home again. We had a wonderful time in Massachusetts this last week. It was a blessing to watch God move during the four services that we were in at Bethel Revival Center. Thank you to Pastor Orville and Sis. Jennifer for making us feel so welcome.

This coming week we get to be close to home. I am extremely excited to be with all of our family and friends at Anchor of Hope.  I am looking forward to what God planned for this revival. You are invited to join us this week in Lebanon, Ohio. Services are Sunday thru Wednesday. Pastor E.J. Lamb and his family are some of our favorite people! I know that we will have a wonderful time with them. 

We have two special birthdays this week in our immediate family. It is time for a small celebration. 

Happy belated birthday to my Mamaw Martha Boggs. She celebrated a milestone birthday Tuesday. Now that we are home we can continue the party a little longer. 

She definitely deserves some special treatment. Mamaw is always looking out for someone else. Mamaw, I love you with all my heart! Thank you for being the world’s best Mamaw. You are beautiful, loving, sweet and so much more. I am blessed to have you in my life. I thank God for allowing you to be in my life. 

Today is the actual birthday of one of the real-life superheroes in my life. Happy birthday to my Papaw Danny Morgan. Papaw is an incredible person and I get the privilege to know him as Pappaw, Grand Pappy, or Paperdink. He is a man of many names,  talents and amazing qualities! Papaw possesses the most tender heart. He is always encouraging us to win one more soul for Christ. 

Papaw, I hope you have a fantastic birthday today. Enjoy your free pass to enjoy all the ice cream that you can hold! Words do not exist to express my love and appreciation for you. 


Pursuing Virtues

Earlier in the year, I was asked by my friend, Sis. Anita Miles to write a guest post for another blog. I was extremely honored by this invitation, but I was also scared to death. Pursuing Virtues is a blog where a team of great writers put up wonderful posts each week to encourage ladies to pursue Godly lives. In the picture above is Sis Shayla and Sis Anita with me. They are both on the Pursuing Virtues team.

July was the month that I had the privilege to be their guest writer. I prayed long and hard about writing this post. I spent many hours writing then starting over fresh. I wanted God to anoint my writing and for everything to flow correctly. Thank God for answering my prayers! I had a few select people that I allowed to see it before it was sent in for publishing. Thanks to my special team that guided, encouraged and helped me! July 25th was the date for the post went live for the world to see. It was exciting to see my post on the website. You can read it on Pursuing Virtue’s website by clicking here

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. It was a pleasure to have you here. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. 


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