Monday, August 19, 2019

The Last Night and Taking Down The Tent in Central City, KY

Our Weekend post will hopefully be ready Tuesday. It was a busy weekend with lots of activity and I will try to pull it all together later today.

Even though I am not ready with the whole weekend post, I do have pictures from the last service of tent revival in Central City. We had a great crowd Friday night and a wonderful service.

It was very dark when service was over Friday night in Central City so taking pictures of the takedown process was sketchy at best. Odie managed to get a few pictures and I have them below.

Fortunately taking the tent down was much easier than trying to take pictures of it in the dark. We had lots of help with the work from the Central City folks and visitors. They really worked great together.

The chairs were in the trailer and strapped down, the sound system was removed from the tent, the lights were taken down, the tent was taken down and folded, the stakes were pulled up, the poles were put away, the straps were folded and packed, the sound equipment was loaded in the bus and EVERYTHING else was loaded into the trailer and strapped down with the trailer doors shut within 59 minutes! 

It took me almost that long to type the worlds longest sentence above.

Bro. Tommy from the church hooked his truck up to the trailer and pulled it over to the pavement where the bus was parked. We cranked the bus, turned it around, hooked up to the tent trailer and pulled into position so that we could easily pull out early Saturday morning.

I will pick up the weekend story from there on the next episode.

Kelly Jo and I appreciate all of the hard work taking the tent down. We could not do it by ourselves and enthusiastic assistance is a huge blessing to us. Thank you, friends.

We also appreciate Pastor Alan Harris and his folks for pouring their hearts into tent revival last week. They had never done anything like tent revival, but they jumped in with all their might and it showed. God blessed and we all enjoyed the fruit of it. I pray that God blesses the results of tent revival for a long time to come.

Now, here a few pictures of a tent takedown in the dark of night. Thank you for dropping in.


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