Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tuesday of Dryden Rd Fellowship Meeting 2019

During big meetings like this week, you will see pictures, pictures and more pictures on these Mile Markers. We took a few pictures of the first service last night and we also have some from during the day.

Odie had special guests in her home Tuesday morning. KJ drove up to Dryden to pick up the Websters and our family, George and Diana Boggs came up from Grayson, Kentucky. The guitars came out and we had nearly two hours of wonderful music.

My parents came out too and we adjourned the music session in favor of salsa.

After lunch, we prepared the bus for rolling, emptied the holding tanks and took the BoggsMobile to the church. It was nearly 4:00 PM when we arrived and we did not have time for much more than clean up before church time.

It was an excellent first service and it is only a taste of what is to come all this week! Come be with us!

More Pictures tomorrow.


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