Saturday, August 17, 2019

Special Day For Bentni

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Kentucky. Thank you to all of you that prayed for us this week! I believe that we saw God move and change lives this week.  I love watching grace at work. It never gets old. It is still “Amazing Grace’’!

The tent is packed away in the trailer and waiting for setup next Saturday in Evansville, Indiana. We have a months worth of activity planned before we get to Evansville next weekend.

Brentni Hrapeck 
Several years ago in our travels I met Brentni and we became friends. God knew I needed her as my friend. She has stood by me in the happy and sad times of life. I have tried to be there for her too. 

Regular blog readers will recognize her because she is frequently spotted in different places where we are singing and preaching. Brentni has been in countless services with us all over the country. She is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever needed. She has spent her vacation time and money to spend a little time with me. I can not thank her enough for her friendship. 

I love you, Brentni!

This is a very special day for Brentni. She will change her last name to Davis as she marries Bro. Jordan Davis from Arkansas. Brentni and Jordan will become husband and wife this afternoon in Salem, Kentucky. 

A few months ago Brentni asked us for possible dates that we could be at a wedding. Due to our crazy schedule, we were severely limited on the options. I consulted with Dad and he laid out the options for me. Brentni and Jordan were kind enough to choose the one Saturday that our family could be in Kentucky for a wedding this late summer or fall. That is a true friend! 😃

Three months of wedding planning have flown by for Brentni. She is also moving to Arkansas today. Brentni has had her plate packed completely full lately. The planning is over and it is officially wedding day.

This is a major life-changing moment. She will be a beautiful bride, become a wife and join her husband in ministry. It is a privilege to be by my dear friend for this special day. I am excited to gain Jordan as a new friend too. I pray that God blesses them with an awesome life together as husband and wife!

I must close and get ready for a wedding. There will be pictures to show you on a later date. Thank you for reading  


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