Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Tent Goes Up In Central City, Kentucky

Boy Oh Boy the tent setup went great again! It was a pleasant morning weather wise and having so many friends show up to help, made the morning even more pleasant.

Pastor Alan Harris and his church turned out in full force and we had two more pastors bring several men from each of their churches as well. All the help was a tremendous blessing!

Pastor Tim Fouts and several men from the Lola Pentecostal Church came to help as well as Pastor Israel Sanders and several men from Faith Church. It was also great to have Pastor Kevin Pleasant drive over from Paducah to lend us a hand. The help from these churches was super valuable and very much appreciated!

Pastor Harris prayed and we began taking stakes out of the trailer and driving them into the ground at 8:05. The tent was standing by 8:45 and it was tight with the chairs set out in formation by 9:15. That is a really good setup.

We dismissed everyone after that, but several stayed around to help with lights, PA cords and transferring the PA equipment from the bus to the trailer. We praise God for all of the help!

Odie snapped a bunch of pictures and one of the ladies from Central City sent Odie a few pictures too. I will post Odies first and then Sis. Barbre's will follow.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Look at all of this help!

These pictures are from Sis. Tara Barbre.

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