Friday, February 8, 2019

A Blessed Day and A Net Gain of 70 Miles

How about a very long story made very short today?

The BoggsMobile is back in our possession! Thursday we loaded all our things into the Green Machine in Sweeny and drove 80 miles to Prevost Houston. We left Prevost Houston about 12:30 PM. We intended to drive about 300 hundred miles and park at the Bass Pro in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

What is that about the best-laid plans of mice and men?

Counting our test drive of 42 miles, we did drive exactly 300 miles in the bus today. However, we are only 70 miles from Prevost Houston where we began.

How in the world did that happen?

That is the interesting part of the story. Let's see, it goes something like this. 

First the test drive of 42 miles. Then hook up the car and drive 110 miles. Then the bus quits again, we coast into a truck stop wondering what in the world just happened. There were not alerts and we had no clue what the cause was. We cranked the bus and after a couple of times, it runs. 

On advice from the men we trust and the Detroit shop in Houston that did the engine work, we drove 92 miles west in rush hour traffic to their shop in Houston. Jason was there, hooked up the computer and found no engine codes. Huh? Something happened.

He crawled underneath and around the engine checking every connection that had been messed with during the repair and several that had not been touched. The engine kept right on running as smooth as can be.

What to do now? I unhooked the car, Jason helped me and Kelly turn the bus around in the street, I hooked up the car and we headed east again. We negotiated our way through the dregs of rush hour traffic, found a rest area after 56 miles and stopped for the night at 8:00 PM.

That is 7.5 hours, 300 total bus miles and a net gain of 70 miles. So much for making a long story short. It was a long trip longer.😇

But, we also had access to the knowledge of tremendous friends, some good laughs, a bunch of great family memories and a wonderful visitation from the Lord while driving down the highway with uncertainties popping up everywhere.

Yes, God is good and gracious to us.

Thank you for reading today. Please pray for us too.


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