Monday, February 25, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror

This has been a wild and woolly weekend and God has been faithful through it all. I updated Friday's post several hours after it was posted with information about the bus not starting. Bro. Brad Nicholson from the church in Richton worked on it Friday and Saturday and has eliminated several possibilities, we still do not have a definitive diagnosis. 

I do not have the time or brain power to write all about it at the moment, but I will get you the information later. Please pray for us and as one friend told me years ago, "put a quiver in your voice so that God knows your serious."

Saturday evening we took Odie's power chair out of the Green Machine and loaded up a little bit of sound equipment to take to Ellisville Sunday. We left Cedar Creek at 7:45 Sunday morning and pulled into the church at Ellisville at 9:10. I do not think we could make it any faster than that.

Some of the brothers were there to help us get loaded in and set up in record time. I do not like to do all of that in a hurry, but with good help like that, it was no trouble at all.

During the Sunday School hour, I needed some time to pray all of the bus mess through again. I do not want drama in my life to become the focus of revival, so I must stand before God. After praying and quoting scripture and reading scripture I sat in a chair to go over a few notes.

As the time neared for service to begin, I looked at my phone and saw a message from my brother, Steve. I will not go into the content of the message, but it was the Word of the Lord I had been seeking. I lifted my hands toward Heaven and the Holy Ghost came down! Hallelujah!

I was able to sing and preach Sunday morning with complete confidence that God is working and that God is in control. It was a wonderful service and we enjoyed the alter service so much.

After service, I received a text and phone call from Pastor Dennis King in Gainesville, Texas. While they were trying to transition into Sunday School someone felt like they needed to pray for me right then. They prayed for us and also anointed a handkerchief to send to us too. Praise God! While I was struggling in prayer in the Pastor's office, a church was praying for me! No wonder God helped me.

Sunday night service was excellent too! Praise God for a wonderful altar service. We are having revival.

That wraps up our weekend. Come back and see us again soon, there is no telling how much excitement we will have in the next few days.


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