Thursday, September 28, 2017

Weight Loss Made Easy

The posts from the last two days were pretty heavy so let us lighten it up a little bit. How is this for a beautiful picture?

I can feel inspiration leaping off the canvas right into my stomach heart. Can you hear the news interview with that farmer?

Reporter: We are here today with the farmer that grew the grand champion cheeseburger at the county fair. In fact this is the third blue ribbon they have taken home in the last five years. I have never seen a farm that could consistently grow cheeseburgers this big. Tell, us what is your secret.

Farmer: Well, there are a lot of factors and some of them I can not disclose here, but it comes down to the soil and technique. We try to plant at the right time, we use quality seeds, we must have the right mix of rain and sunshine, but we have been blessed with good soil and a greasy thumb. Yes sir, my granddaddy had a greasy thumb. He passed that down to my daddy and my daddy passed the greasy thumb down to me.

Reporter: There you have it folks. He is not giving up his award winning secrets but still giving us fascinating insight into how the professionals raise  champion cheeseburgers.

Speaking of cheeseburgers moves me right into a discussion of weight loss. What a tremendous segue! 

I know you want to read about loosing weight, right? Before anyone takes offense, please remember I am not a novice in this area. I know whereof I speak.

I have the perfect formula for you.

Have you ever heard of BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)? Basically it tells you the number of calories you can eat each day to maintain your present weight. If you know your BMR then you can eat fewer calories and lose weight or eat more calories and gain weight.  The equation to find your BMR is below...

Body Weight [lb] x 15 + (moderate activity [mins/day] x 3.5)

If you wish to lose weight then you must eat less than your BMR each day.  Each person burns calories at a different rate but according to the formula if the average person eats 500 less calories than his/her BMR per day they will lose one pound per week.

Let us plug in some actual numbers.

We will use the average ordinary 350 lb man who exercises moderately for 10 minutes each day.

350 lbs. (Body Weight) x 15.  That equals 5250.

Add to that 10 minutes of moderate activity per day x 3.5.  That equals 35.

So 5250 + 35=5285. That is the BMR for a 350 lb man with minimal exercise.

According to this the average ordinary 350 lb man who exercises moderately for 10 minutes each day needs to eat 5285 calories a day to maintain his weight!

So if he eats 500 less calories per day he can lose one pound a week.

Now, follow me on this.

A 350 lb man can eat 4785 calories a day and lose 52 pounds a year. That is a BMR of 5285 minus 500. The 350 man must limit himself to 4785 calories each day to loose one pound per week and 52 pounds per year. Got it? 

One of the most difficult parts of dieting is limiting yourself to the allotted calories and finding the right foods.

Let me put 4785 calories each day into perspective for you. We need to come up with a menu for a whole week that has enough variety to keep you from falling off the diet. 

OK? Here we go.

Day 1
4785 calories is three Triple Whoppers with cheese and 1095 calories left over for vegetables like French Fries! Not bad for the first day.

Day 2
A little over 7 large slices of Meat Lover's 18" Pizza from Pizza Hut.

Day 3
Almost 15 KFC Original Recipe fried chicken breasts or 16 thighs or 34 wings.

Day 4
5 Classic Lasagna dinners from Olive Garden. Sorry no extra bread sticks

Day 5
The 72 ounce, 4.5 lb. steak and all the trimmings at the Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas. That meal is 5400 calories so you would have to save that one for your cheat day.

Day 6
12 Burrito Supremes from Taco Bell and you still have room in your calorie count for 2 orders of Cinnamon Twists! If you like sour creme on your Burrito Supreme you may have to limit yourself to 11 instead of 12.

Day 7
Two dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts hot and fresh with about 200 calories left over for about 20 ounces of broccoli.

There is your plan. Who knew weight loss was so easy? Let me know how that works out for you.



  1. I'm ditching Weight Watchers. I like your plan much better.

    1. Did I forget the disclaimaer?

      "Past results are not indicative of future returns!"

      Keep dropping the pounds, bro!



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