Friday, September 8, 2017

On The Road Again

We are on the road again on our way to Johnson, Vermont and everything is going very well so far. We are always very thankful to be able to say that! I will have more information about our travel days when I give the weekend report on Monday.

Before we left the Lazy OD Ranch there was a lot to get done in the house, to the trailer, to the BoggsMobile and in the barn. If Irma cooperates we will be swinging through Ohio to pick up the tent trailer and I needed everything to be in its proper place in the correct vehicle. It took some figuring out but I think it all came together.

I also had some maintenance to do on the trailer and the bus and work to do in the house but, with much help from Kelly Jo, Steve and Lisa we were able to sew it all up and leave on time.

Also Steve's son Isaac came out one evening and helped us lift the cabinet in the utility room. It was the last cabinet to be set and it is heavy. All of the strong and willing help made the task a piece of cake.

The right side of this cabinet has a Rev-A-Shelf. It is an upper cabinet pull-down shelving system that is great for making upper cabinets handicap accessible. Odie will have them in most of her upper cabinets. They are really cool!

My sister Theresa and her son Luke stopped by and helped clean one day too. We sure appreciate all the help.

As we were cleaning the house and getting it in shape to leave, Kelly Jo remembered that two of the floor vents had been accidentally covered with concrete and needed to be opened. It was not a huge job with Steve's help and the right tools. We checked that one off the list.

The next two pictures show the kitchen with the finish color on the walls. It is called Icicle and it really looks great! Once the lights are on in the house, I should be able to capture better pictures of the color.

This is the roll under vanity in Odie's bathroom.

Early Wednesday morning I opened the barn door and started preparing to leave.

This was the view of the house as we prepared to roll.

With the ranch in the rear view mirror, we were on the road again!

On the road again
Going places that I've never been
Seeing things that I may never see again
I can't wait to get on the road again

Thank you very much for dropping in today. Cell phone signal is extremely week here this morning and we are headed into more remote country in northern Vermont. It is possible that we will not have enough signal to post anything this weekend. If you do not hear from us, you will know why.


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