Saturday, September 9, 2017

Future Mrs. Deidre Shoemaker

Quick note from Davy before Odie takes the stage:

10:55 AM 
As you probably know, NOT my friend Irma is now forecast to move up the west coast of Florida and possibly into the western part of Tennessee. The weather guessers are thinking Irma may park in Tennessee a couple of days and that is the route we need to take to Richton, Mississippi.

Driving the BoggsMobile through a tropical depression with high wind and heavy rains is not on my "to do" list. Adding the tent trailer 13' tall, 24' long and 16,000 lbs made the decision for me and Bro. Scott pretty uncomplicated except for all of the emotion tied up in it.

We love tent revival and we especially love tent revival in Richton, Mississippi. We have had super great tent revivals there in the past and we are expecting to be back there in the future under the Blue and White Gospel Tent. This year looks impossible for the tent but it is out of our hands.

I am adding this to Odie's already published blog today because some of you may have been planning to attend. I want you to have as much notice as possible.

We hope to make it to Richton by next weekend or shortly after. We will have revival in the church if we can make it there.



Now back to Odie!

Hey Friends, 

This is Odie checking from the road. We are excited to be in the beautiful state of Vermont this weekend. It is great to see friends and make new friends along the way. I know Dad will give you a complete report of the weekend on Monday. 

This post is about the future Mrs. Deidre Shoemaker. Next month this lovely lady will be a bride. 

I can not believe Deidre is getting married. It seems like she entered the world last week. But reality says she has now been in our family for a quarter of a century. I am so thankful for Deidre. Not only is she my very first first cousin but we are sisters in heart. 

I wanted to do something to celebrate Deidre and the change from Miss Boggs to Mrs. Shoemaker. It was impossible to gather everyone from across the nation that I wanted to. So I  opted to get some of Deidre's special family and friends together for an evening of fun and fellowship. Instead of a traditional personal shower for the bride, we showered her with gift cards for her future. 

This fun evening took place at a local Panera Bread a few weeks ago. My cousin Lisa was a big help to me with pulling everything together. Lisa, I appreciate your help!  Thanks to my aunt Theresa Osborn for capturing pictures of the fun. Thank you to all the ladies who attended! You helped make the night a success!

Now here are the rest of the pictures below.

Deidre was blessed with several gift cards. I know she has enjoyed shopping and using the gift cards. 

Aunt Holly is great at cutting cakes. 

The staff at Panera was so nice to us. We were able to get our group in their community room. The employees I dealt with were extremely friendly and helpful. I asked permission to bring cookie cake from another business. We ate dinner at Panera so they were fine with cookie cake. The cookie cake was delicious. It was from Sam's Club, and I highly recommend their cookie cakes.

The flowers and the balloon were from Kroger. 

Everything turned out great. The evening was very laid back and we all got to spend some time with the bride. Deidre Faye, remember, "I love you sister and you mean the world to me!"

Very soon it will be wedding time. I am thrilled for Deidre and her fiancĂ© Ben Shoemaker. I am excited to see what God has planned for them in the days ahead. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Thanks for stopping by to visit us. Have a super weekend. 


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