Thursday, September 14, 2017

It Is Time To Continue the Circle

Most of Wednesday Kelly Jo worked on getting the bus ready to ride and I worked on the tent trailer, barn stuff and getting the right sound equipment loaded and arranged in the bays. I also loaded a few more needful items in the tent trailer.

We did spend a couple of hours in the afternoon hanging the freshly painted doors in the house and picking up the tools we had dragged out Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dad came to help and Steve dropped by after work too. By the time we finished, the seven pocket doors were in place and the coat closet and bedroom closet doors were hung again too.

These three have worked very diligently on this house! Odie will never be our of ice cream debt.

It Is Time To Continue the Circle

The nation wide circle that we began last Wednesday when we started our journey to northern, Vermont continues today by God's grace. We had intended to swing by and pick up the tent trailer and be gone in hours. Most of you know that Irma changed those plans. 

Bro. Scott Morris and I made the decision Saturday to cancel the tent revival and have revival in the church instead. That gave us some time to let the rain from the remnants of the hurricane pass and dissipate. Now we are ready to move.

Even though Richton tent revival is canceled this year, we will pull the trailer on this trip anyway. We need the tent trailer in the south next spring and we had planned to leave it down there after the Richton revival. 

There were three other options for taking the trailer, but neither were good.

We could have left it at the ranch now and pulled it all over the south next year until we arrived some where close to our first tent revival and then dropped it. Nope.

We could have left it at the ranch now, missed a few nights of revival in January and pulled the tent trailer where we would need it eventually and added 400 miles of driving. Nope.

We could have left it at the ranch now, closed a revival a few days early in April, drove the BoggsMobile to Ohio to pick up the trailer and added about 1400 miles of driving. NOPE.

That is why we are pulling the tent trailer to Mississippi even though we are not having tent revival next week. It will require KJ to drive the Green Machine behind us, making this a little more complicated trip.

As I sit here early this morning, I wish the tent trailer was already hooked up so I could leave and miss the mess that is Cincinnati traffic. I may have to wait until 8:30 or 9:00 to leave.

We hope to drive as far as Nashville today, take care of some business there and maybe drive a little farther. Please pray for safety on the road and no problems with equipment.

Thank you.


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