Monday, September 4, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #37

Our last weekend in Ohio for a while has come and gone and it was a great one. Thursday, Friday and Saturday we worked on the house from early in the morning until late in the evening and we are seeing a lot of progress. 

Danny (Kelly Jo's Dad) continued painting walls and cabinets and it all looks really good. I will try to snap some pictures the next few days.

Thursday evening we moved the finished linen cabinet from the garage to her bedroom. Isaac and I carried it around to the front door and then Kelly Jo, Lisa and Steve helped us from there. It required every one of us and a little combined brain power to get it in!

Here it is Saturday, mounted and with the doors installed. You can also see one of the pocket doors in place. The doors still need to be painted but we were trying this one out to see how they look. We love the pocket doors!

Thursday we had a team dig the ditch for the electric service.

That became a huge job with some drainage ditch work mixed in. I will devote a whole post to that later.

Sunday morning we were preaching at Dryden Rd which is always and honor and a privilege. It was a special honor Sunday because Bro. Bennie asked his daughter, Renae Coffman, to sing with us and she did. We used to sing with Renae a lot years ago and that is definitely one of the things we miss by not being at home. Thank you for singing with us Renae!

Ben was playing drums after church and it was so cute.

We had just enough time for a little salsa at Acapulco in the afternoon before our Sunday siesta.

Sunday night we went to Calvary Pentecostal Lighthouse in Middletown to preach for Pastor Kevin Allen and his folks.

It was a joy to be in church with friends and to experience the presence of God with them. God touched us in the altar and we are expecting to hear good reports in the future. Praise God for His help.

We have been keeping up with our friends near the Houston area since the hurricane and most of them are doing well. I honestly never thought about Bro. Mark Compton and his folks because they are quite a bit west of Houston and they are north of I-10.

We received word the other day that their church is flooded. The building is relatively new and they have built an additional building too. My heart is hurting for them as they try to figure out how to move forward.

A house we rented years ago flooded and I remember that helpless, hopeless feeling. We had less than one foot of water in the house. We moved out, spent a few nights in a hotel and then moved on with life. We had friends, family and the Red Cross to help us out. I do not think any of our personal items were damaged badly.

The folks in the Houston area have it much worse than that and the feeling of desperation must be overwhelming. Let's ask God to help them all. Please pray for Bro. Mark and his folks too.

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for reading today.


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