Sunday, September 10, 2017

View Out The Front Window September 9, 2017

I posted this yesterday on Odie's blog after it was published but this information may change plans for some folks so I am posting it here and maybe tomorrow as well.

As you probably know, NOT my friend Irma is now forecast to move up the west coast of Florida and possibly into the western part of Tennessee. The weather guessers are thinking Irma may park in Tennessee a couple of days and that is the route we need to take to Richton, Mississippi.

Driving the BoggsMobile through a tropical depression with high wind and heavy rains is not on my "to do" list. Adding the tent trailer 13' tall, 24' long and 16,000 lbs made the decision for me and Bro. Scott pretty uncomplicated except for all of the emotion tied up in it.

We love tent revival and we especially love tent revival in Richton, Mississippi. We have had super great tent revivals there in the past and we are expecting to be back there in the future under the Blue and White Gospel Tent. This year looks impossible for the tent but it is out of our hands.

We hope to make it to Richton by next weekend or shortly after. We will have revival in the church if we can make it there.



View Out The Front Window September 9, 2017

We sure have some changing views for you today. This was our view out the front window at a Flying J truck stop near Pembroke, New York.

This was our view out the front door.

This was our view out the front window at a mom and pop truck stop in Fair Haven, Vermont.

This was our view out the front door.

Yes, that is grass at a truck stop. We snagged an end spot in a section with only two other trucks. Our door was facing our personal yard!

This is our view out the window at Lamoille Valley Nazarene in Johnson, Vermont.

This is our view out the front door.

Kelly Jo thought you should see the beautiful view from the driver's side window too! Wow!

Here are the links from our posts this last week.

Weekend Woundup and Weview #37

We have two services this morning. One is at 8:30 and the second is at 11:00. Do you think that Odie will make the 8:30 service? 

Thank you for checking in today.


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