Wednesday, September 6, 2017

No Friend of Mine

We are planning to leave later this morning for a large looping tour of the USA to sing and preach the Gospel to as many people as we can. We are glad to hit the road and we are looking forward to seeing many of you in the next few months.

We go from home to Johnson, Vermont to minister to a group of folks we have never met. We are excited to go new places and see new faces and we are extremely thankful that God continues to open new avenues of ministry. While we are in beautiful Vermont we will also get to see Pastor David DiZazzo and many of the folks we have met from tent revivals there in previous years. It is going to be a great week.

Our plan is to leave Vermont and go to Mississippi to begin tent revival for our dear friends in Richton, Mississippi. We will swing through Ohio to pick up the tent trailer and hopefully arrive in Richton one week from Thursday.

The next revival after tent revival is Homecoming revival for Apostle Donald C. Williamson and the wonderful folks at Tanner Williams near Mobile, Alabama. We are excited about seeing them again too.

There is one great big obstacle that might stand in the way of our trip south. Her name is Irma and Irma is no friend of mine! It is too early to tell which direction she will go but Pastor Scott Morris and I are watching closely and we hope to make a decision by early next week what we need to do. We do not want to put our family or the BoggsMobile in the path of a strong storm and we certainly do not want the tent in the air.

Here are three possible routes from Tuesday morning's forecast.

Inline image 1

This was the best guesstimate last night on Irma's course over the next several days.

The best thing for all concerned is for Irma to dissipate, turn out to sea and die a quick and painless death. We are praying about that and you are welcome to join us in those prayers.

After Alabama the loop goes on for thousands of miles and brings us back to the  Lazy OD Ranch near Christmas. We hope the first few stops are not impacted by the weather, but the good thing is, our house has wheels. We can move if we need too.

The house being built for Odie is secured for our absence and some work will continue right on while we are gone. Kelly Jo's Dad is making progress on the interior paint and it is beautiful. Kelly and Odie's choice for the wall color is very good. It reaches out and grabs you and looks different depending on the amount of light. I do not know if I can capture it well in a picture or not.

Thank you for reading today. You get extra points if you caught the cultural reference from the late 1940's.

Please ask God to help us and the bus as we travel the next few days. We need to pass some miles under the wheels!


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