Friday, July 14, 2017

A Great Weekend Ahead

Caution! There is a great weekend ahead!

We are leaving in a few minutes for the airport. We are excited to be on our way to Sweeny, Texas this weekend for a singing, shouting, preaching and praying good time. 

It is going to be great to be with Pastor Larry Lamb and all of his folks.

I will add some travel pictures to this post along the way if it is possible. Please ask the Lord to guide and protect us.

5:45 AM

On the way to Atlanta

Atlanta Airport 

Thanks for reading.



  1. Atlanta airport has a Cinnabon in at least one terminal. I'm certain it's the work of our enemy! Safe travels my friends.
    See you down the road.

  2. If you come see us, I may eat a bite of one in celebration!

    Are you close?


  3. Wish we were, but we are not.
    Would love to see you guys.
    Take care!


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