Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #31

I have pictures for the Weekend Woundup and Weview and not much time for anything else. Maybe I can at least give you a summary and tell you more about the major weekend projects in posts later this week.

Friday was the day the block walls went up in Odie's closet which will double as a safe room for her during storms. These guys worked very hard and very long.

I will have lots more pictures of that with a full description another day.

We put regular fiberglass batt insulation in a few walls to help with sound proofing between some rooms. Steve and Kelly Jo were a big help with that and did the most of it themselves.

Odie took some pictures of Deidre and Ben's wedding shower next door at Dodds fellowship hall Friday evening. Those pictures are posted a little further down. After the shower several folks helped us clean up and get ready for drywall first thing the next morning.

Since the block was finished it was time for the last pocket door frame to be installed. Dad and I took care of that.

Here are the pictures Odie took of the wedding shower.

Saturday morning several men from Kentucky and Indiana came to hang the drywall in the house.

While they were working hard inside, my Dad was working hard outside.

Kelly Jo was fascinated by the stilts

We had a few visitors Saturday as well.

Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe made it in Saturday afternoon and it was wonderful to see him again. He has been gone way too long!

Saturday evening a bunch of folks jumped in to clean the house once the drywall was up. I was "kilt" and sat outside in the shade so I do not even know who all was working. I know that Kelly Jo, Steve, Karen, Deidre and Lisa were all involved.

Sunday morning we were with Pastor Wade Hicks and his church in West Harrison, Indiana. We walked smack dab into the middle of the presence of God there Sunday and it was wonderful to feel and behold!

Sunday night we were in Brooks, Kentucky with Pastor Phillip Webb. We went to hear Pastor David Webb preach and we had a great time with all of them too.

Thank you for reading today. I will have more information later.


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