Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Super Tuesday

We really had a great day yesterday. It was so good, that I will label it a super Tuesday without a doubt.

Drywall will be hung soon in the house so there are several things that need to be completed before then. One of those things is the pocket door hardware. The house we are building for Odie has seven pocket doors. Three of them are 36" and four of them are 42". Learning how to install the hardware was the main task Tuesday.

I have never installed pocket door hardware before so it is a learning process. Plus the 36" and the 42" are different brands and even different designs. That means we are learning it all twice. Between me and Dad, I think we just about have it.

This is the 36" door between the kitchen and the utility room. Originally this door was drawn to be a 42" door but as the plans developed it was evident there was not enough room.

Bro. Bennie Sutherland, our Pastor, came by the house today with Renae and Jacqueline Coffman. It was great to see them and to drink a little salsa while they were in town.

It was Renae and Jacqueline's first trip to Acapulco. That is hard to believe!

Bro. JR Alexander preached great at Dryden Rd. Tuesday night. The sermon was definitely a Word from the Lord for us and our home church.

God worked in miraculous ways in the altar service for over two hours. It was awesome and was a tremendous way to top of a super Tuesday! We are looking for more great things today.

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