Saturday, July 29, 2017

Friends For A Lifetime

Hey Friends, 

This is Odie checking in on another Saturday. We have had a very good week here on the home front. Both Tuesday and Thursday night we were in wonderful services at our home church. I love it when God comes down and blesses Dryden Road Pentecostal church in a very special way. It was great to be home and experience the move of God with them! 

For this post I wanted to rewind a few weeks. Earlier this month, I was able to spend several hours with two of my favorite people. These ladies are some of my dearest and closest friends. I am blessed to have them in my life! 

Odie, Deidre Boggs and Lisa Isaacs

Red Lobster was on the menu for the evening. It was absolutely delicious. I am hungry again just looking at these pictures. 

Also I thought I would give you a little peek into our process of trying to get a good picture. Let's just say we were laughing a lot, Oh the memories!

When we are together, no matter what we are doing, it is always a blast. When I get with Deidre and Lisa there is always laughter, maybe a few tears, possibly an impromptu prayer meeting and usually good food is involved somewhere in the mix. Our good times together often become blog material.

Life most of the time has all three of us going in different directions. It is nice when our schedules align enough for some girl time. Things will change even more in October when Deidre gets married. We are trying to savor every moment we get to be together.

I am privileged to have Deidre and "Mama Lisa" in my corner. I know no matter where I am or when it is, I can make a phone call or send a text message and these girls will be praying for me. They will do everything they can to help me through life. We will stick together through the good times and the bad! They will always be my friends for a lifetime!

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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