Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jimmie Radcliffe - A Family Member Coming Home

Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe will be here again soon and we are super excited to see him. We have missed him terribly. I think someone may need to shorten the distance between Ohio and Oklahoma. I was going to make a joke about removing Illinois but I have too many friends there.😁 Plus Jimmie is originally from Illinois and he may want to stop and see his family.

Jimmie and his parents and one of his brother's family have prepped the big tent trailer and loaded it up with cabinets for the house.

Then Bro. Jimmie picked up the metal door for Odie's safe room and all of the interior doors in Oklahoma City.

Each one of these items has a great  story to tell and the stories will be told in good time. Right now, we can hardly wait to see the big truck and trailer pull into the Lazy OD Ranch again. 

It was a sad day for me personally and for my girls when Bro. Jimmie pulled out last November.

The smile turned upside down and my eyes started leaking when his truck and trailer rounded the curve and started heading for Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

All will be well soon! AND we are so happy about it!

Stop in and see us!


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