Friday, July 28, 2017

Block and Drywall

The next two days are big days at the house. Today the block layers are coming to lay some block. The walk-in closet will double as a safe room so that Odie can take refuge in the event of bad storms. This is something we really wanted to include since Odie can not flee the house easily at all.

We were hoping the block would be laid in June but we are glad to get it now. They should be able to finish in one day. Once they are finished I have one more set of pocket door hardware to hang. We left it out so the block layers did not have to work around it but it needs to be in place by Saturday morning.

The second big thing this weekend is drywall. Bro. Corwin Cain is bringing a crew to hang the sheetrock and begin to finish it on Saturday. That is really exciting for us. Once it is finished we can help Kelly Jo's Dad start slinging paint. Once the paint is started we can hang cabinets and make this place start looking like a house. 

While the block is being laid, the sheetrock is supposed to be delivered early this morning so we will have a lot of activity. We have cleared room for the sheetrock to lay in the floor and we have tried to make room near all the walls to hang it. We have a little more to do on that and I need to insulate a few interior walls for sound today. The plumber has a little more to do as well.

With all that needs to be completed, I better get to work.

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