Thursday, January 23, 2014

Changes In The Schedule

There have been a few changes in the schedule that I want to point out to folks that might be planning to visit revivals that have been posted on our calendar, in the newsletter or announced at other meetings. It is always a good idea to check our schedule, call or text to make sure something has not changed before driving a long distance.

1. Our revival next week at Faith Tabernacle in Weir, Kansas has been shortened. We were scheduled to be there January 26-31, Sunday through Friday. We will now close on Wednesday the 29th. One of the young men in the church is getting married on Saturday down in Oklahoma and many of the folks will be traveling to the wedding Friday. So the Weir revival will now be January 26-29, Sunday through Wednesday. 

2. The second week of February has changed as well. We will be at Hilldale Holiness Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma Monday through Wednesday with Pastor Nathan Conner and his folks. Friday we will be preaching the Sapulpa area Valentine Banquet. It will be held at Kellyville Holiness Church.

3. We have rescheduled our revival in Central City, Kentucky. We had to cancel revival that was scheduled December 29-January 3 due to the funeral services of Bro. Marty Millikin. Pastor Alan Harris was very gracious to us and extended an invitation to stop in for a few nights when ever we could arrange it. We are planning now to be there for three nights April 8-10, Wednesday through Friday.

I am sure there may be other changes throughout the year and you can keep track of them on our calendar.

We are having great services each night at Bristow Holiness Church. We have two nights left before we move onto Kansas. There is no telling what God may do in lives in those two nights. We appreciate you praying for our revivals. 

All the lyrics from our CDs are now here on the blog. You will find them on the "Our CDs and Lyrics" tab above. That is also where you can order hundreds of our CDs for all of your closest friends, relatives and neighbors. 

Thank you all for reading.


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