Monday, January 6, 2014

Hank, Weather and My Next Bus

Not much going on today but trying to keep warm and keep the water running. I am not very successful today at either one. I did slip outside to start the Green Machine and let it warm up a few minutes. While I was out Hank the church dog was too so we bonded for a few little while and then I took some pictures. I wish I could show you how happy he is when somebody is giving him a good rub. Hank is a great dog.

As you can see from Hank's pictures we do have some sunshine today. It is weird to be outside in -22 wind chill and watch the ice melt off the BoggsMobile in the sun.

It was 7 last night.

-2 real temperature with -22 wind chill late this morning.

But -2 is much better than Devils Lake, North Dakota where we spent several days in July. Real temperature was -24 a little while ago with a wind chill of -53! I say it is a good day to be in Missouri a little closer to 0!

I did spot a picture of my next bus!

That is One Sweet Ride!

That is all we have for today. Tune in next time to see if I can talk Odie into licking the front of the BoggsMobile.


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