Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Day of 2014

I hope 2014 is off to a good start for you. We have had a great day so far and we are expecting a good service at Westside Holiness Church tonight. It would be wonderful to be wrapped up in the Spirit of the Lord the very first night of the year.

Bro. Marty Millikin's funeral was beautiful yesterday. The singing and the music was outstanding just like Bro. Marty loved singing and music to be. Bro. Jimmy had several of Bro. Marty's family and friends singing and playing songs that Bro. Marty loved to hear. It really was touching all the way through the service.

Bro. Joey Hight, Bro. Jimmy Millikin and Pastor Darrell Meadow were all tremendous in the things they had to say. God used each of them in a special way to minister to the family and friends that had gathered. Bro. Marty lived with such character and Godliness that nobody had to struggle for good things to say. The whole day was a fitting tribute to a very good man that we will all miss very much.

There were hundreds of people that came from all over the country for Bro. Marty's visitation and funeral. There were people from California and people from Maine and there were many from all points in between. Every one of them was a testimony to the impact the Millikin family has had on churches and individuals all over America. I was thrilled to see them all come together to celebrate such a life.

Last night and today we have been visiting with the Millikin's and their family and friends. It has been a joy to meet folks that Bro. Jimmy and Bro. Marty have been telling us about for years. We have really enjoyed meeting some of the folks from Maine. They certainly love the Millikin family. 

We plan to stay here in Claremore until Friday or Saturday helping any way we can and then we will mosey toward our next revival near West Plains, Missouri. After that revival we will be right back in this general area for a few weeks by God's grace.

Pastor Meadow asked me to be prepared to preach tonight so please pray that God will speak through me in this service. Every service is very important but this one seems especially so. Thank you.

God bless you every one.


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