Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Have You Encouraged Somebody Today?

We have another layer of snow coming down as I type Wednesday night and it is mixed with some freezing rain or ice. The weather app on my phone is calling it "Freezing Drizzle." Whatever the mix it has made for some very slippery conditions so we were not able to have church Wednesday night. Hopefully it will clear up in time for church Thursday night.

Hank the Church Dog AKA Hank the Tank needed some attention yesterday while Odie was outside. Hank does not have a clue how special he is. Odie has been running from every dog in the world for over 28 years but Hank has captured her heart!

He was one happy dog!

He is a might jealous when I go over to pet Daisy. He does not mind if I pet her he just wants one hand on him!

I had some hot water ready to set her free but I could not get Odie to lick the bus when the temperature was about 10 degrees. She may have heard stories about that some where.

Have You Encouraged Somebody On Purpose Today? I have and it came back 100 fold.

My phone rang today with some encouragement on the other end of the line. It was a distant cousin of mine that I see very rarely. I am talking 3-4 times over the last 10 years. They were sitting in the house trying to stay warm and passing the time by listening to music. They were playing the CD that I posted the lyrics too yesterday, Cradled In Grace and also the next CD after that one This Is How It Feels To Be Free.

I suppose she found my number on the newer of the CDs and called me up. She had nothing but encouraging things to say and it came at a perfect time. You would have thought by the way she went on that our music that she was listening to was the best music she had ever heard.

I try to encourage people on purpose on a regular basis. I want that to be a regular part of my life. I want it to be in my very nature to provide comfort, cheer and inspiration to others. But that phone call gave me a little extra inspiration today. Her call made me want to call somebody I had been thinking of and pass along the good deed. In response I tried to encourage several of my friends and acquaintances today.

Have you told somebody today how much they brighten your life when you think about them. You might be surprised how much it would help them and how much it would help you in the process.

After writing the paragraphs above I noticed a new email had came in. We have never received an email from this person as far as I know. The note was encouraging us to press on through the difficulties in life and keep ministering to folks in need. It was very hard to read such a heartfelt letter with out crying on my keyboard. 

God is amazing. He allows someone unexpected to encourage us with a phone call. That inspires me to reach out and encourage a few more folks. God then allows somebody else to come out of left field and strengthen us even more. Let's see if we can start a few more circles of hope, strength and encouragement.



  1. "Odie has been running from every dog in the world"
    That's funny right there.

    1. Funny but almost true. I guess I should have said "rolling away from every dog in the world." Lol



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