Saturday, January 11, 2014

Apps That Help Me Reach My Goals

Note from Odie

Hello friends!!

I hope the new year is off to a good start for you. As you have been reading ours is off to a flying start. We love being with the Galihers the whole family is a bundle of fun. They keep me rolling in laughter. I feel so blessed to call them my friends. 

I was excited for a new year to start. I view it has a clean page in the story of my life. No I can not change my past but I can move forward in the future.   I have  some goals for 2014. I have a group of friends helping this time. I'm excited about what is ahead with us working together. 

Since September I have been trying to shed some weight. It is coming off slowly. It feels good to see it leaving. You all know my love for food, some days I struggle to persevere. I am committed to seeing my goal. Also it helps to know I'm not alone in this fight! 

There is an App for the iPhone/iPad called Restaurant Nutrition. It helps me choose healthy options when eating out. I get hungry just looking at the list of restaurants. 

Each year I see lots of room for growth spiritually.  I am just a week into to 2014 but I am working hard on this area. I enjoy having apps and things to help me accomplish this daily. All of these are free to iTunes users. 

I love Blue Letter Bible. It is easy to navigate, the study features are nice and searching for scriptures is so easy. You do not have to be connected to the internet to use Blue Letter Bible. They do offer some more features when connected to wifi. You can listen as the bible is read to you when connected to the internet. 

I also have the bible in MP3 format on my iPad. I like to listen as I read along. It helps with pronouncing big words. I found my Bible MP3 program at Dollar General a few years ago. Each each book of the bible is one long track so I have keep track of the time everyday when I finish reading. Dad has Alexander Scourby reading the Bible on MP3. You can get those from Christian Book Distributor. They are reasonably priced.

Another app I have enjoyed for awhile is Bible One Year. It tells you what chapters to read every day to read the Bible through in a year. You can mark the chapters off as you go to keep track of what you have read. 

I am really enjoying the devotional I am using in addition to my Bible reading (pictured below). So far it is both challenging and encouraging. The verses given are not always KJV, so I look them up in my Bible. This book gives me something to ponder through the day. Thanks to an iTunes gift card I bought it from iBooks for free. Both iBooks and Kindle offer the book for $3.99. They offer several devotionals if you are looking for extra help.

I am sure there are many great apps and helps I am not aware of at this time. Many apps work for some but do not fit everyone. It is fun application swapping with friends. What apps do you use?

It is not to late to start working toward your goals in 2014. This is a couple of mine for this year. Have a wonderful weekend. 



  1. I am reading Jesus Calling too! I really liike it!

  2. I have whats called a GOBIBLE.
    Its awesome. It has scriptures for dealing with different problems, depression, fear etc.
    It also has Bible stories where you can just look them up easily. I like it!


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