Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Davy

A Post From Odie

January is a month full of birthdays for our family and friends. Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating in January. We love you!!!

January 16th was a special birthday. I want to say Happy Birthday to the best Dad around. I love you "more than a hog loves slop"!!!  Dad says that is a LOT of love. 

In July and October Dad often writes big birthday post for Mom and me. His post always leaves me in tears. I am not as good at expressing my feelings in coherent words. 

I want to say thank you for all you do for us!!! You go above and beyond for our family. You do so much behind the scenes to keep us going. A lot of times I do not express enough gratitude for all your labors. 

Thanks for teaching me about God. I appreciate your constant reminder that holiness is right. Your burden for others is something I pray that I have acquired. I love to see you get covered up with the Holy Ghost!!! Thank you for following God's direction for your life. Thanks for teaching me to trust God in every way.  I will forever appreciate your Godly example!!!

Thank you also for sharing your love of food with me. I am so glad you taught me that eating good food is an event to celebrate. I think I may have learned that lesson a little too much!!!!

Once again from the bottom of my heart I love and appreciate you, Daddy. I am so glad you showed me life can always be an exciting adventure. 

Forever Daddy's little girl,


Here are some of my favorite pictures. 

Dad and Mom, January 2011

Pastor Danny Morgan, Bro Shobanke and Dad, May 2013

Dad and his big Bubba, Steve, December 2013

Dad and Baby Janean at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church, December 2013

Dad and Mom in Mexico, December 2013

Pastor Duane Allen and Dad, December 2013 in Hazard, Kentucky 

When Dad finds salsa he loves he wants to drink it. November 2013 Claremore, Oklahoma

Dad and Me Silverton, Colorado June 2010

Dad in Colorado in the summer of 2010

Dad and Papaw on Father's Day 2013

Dad in June 2013 

Our family and Regan Morris on Father's Day 2013

Our family at our Christmas photo shoot, June 2013

Our family at the Christmas service in London, Kentucky, December 2013

Dad as a boy 


  1. Thank you for your kind words, Odie. I almost believed you for a moment!

    I love you too.


  2. Happy Birthday Bro. Davy We are sending you a "Virtual" Big Greasy Burger with all the works. Sorry..... "Virtual" means you can't eat it, but hey cotton balls are filling!

    1. You are so kind and thoughtful, Sis. G. I am "virtually" chewing right now!


  3. Happy Birthday Brother Davy! In your honor...We're having Enchilada Casserole for Sunday dinner...hope you can feel the love from Missouri!


    1. Wow! Thank you, friend. That does sound very, very good!


  4. Happy Birthday Bro Davy. We hope u had a great day. Love you all Wendal, Crystal and kids


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