Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday at Home and Marty Millikin

Kelly Jo and I met David Riddell at Acapulco for an early lunch. I had the California Burrito and it was very, very good, of course.

We had a great visit with David. We have been friends with David since we were all teenagers and we both love him like a brother. It is always great to connect with him and he and I both have a soft spot for Acapulco's so it is only natural that we meet there for lunch. He is on a weight loss and exercising kick and he looks awful skinny and unhealthy. Maybe we can fatten him up while we are home.

We went to Dad and Mom's Wednesday evening for supper. They fixed a great meal and we enjoyed eating and visiting with them. It is nice to spend a little bit of leisure time with them.

My Dad with his favorite grandchild. Odie says that since she is the oldest, he has been loving her much longer than he has loved any of the other grandchildren.

We went to church with them tonight at Dodds. We are parked in the Dodds parking lot so we walked all the way to church in the rain up hill both ways. We had a good service. Pastor Rex Lloyd had been singing when we called me up to preach so I exhorted on faith while he sang. We had a great prayer line and God touched several. It was great to hear Bro. Rex sing and to enjoy the blessings of the Lord.

We posted a prayer request for Bro. Marty Millikin the other day. Today he had an appointment with a cancer doctor and did not receive a good report. They are going to schedule surgery as soon as possible. Please pray for Bro. Marty. He needs a miracle and we are believing God to give him one. Pray for his parents and for his brother Jimmy and his family as well.

The Millikins have been a blessing to churches all over our nation and Bro. Marty has been a big part of that. He is super talented and has used every ounce of that for the glory of God. Please ask God to give him a miracle. I know that he will tell it far and near and give God all of the glory for it. Our hearts hurt for our dear friends and we are asking God to help.

God bless you all,


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