Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Years On The Road in Pictures 2005 & 2006

Here are a few pictures from 2005 and 2006. We are loving going through these old pictures and remembering all of the good times with family and friends. There is also a little contest included at the end of the post. I hope you enjoy.

You can read the post marking 10 consecutive years on the road for our family right HERE. The first installment of pictures from the last 10 years is HERE.

Pictures From 2005

Boggs Family Reunion

Driving the truck and trailer through a Redwood tree in California. Trust me there are pictures of this from excited tourist all over Asia.

Odie's 20th Birthday in Atlanta, Georgia

At Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park

Odie in the hospital in Pensacola, Florida

The Redwoods in California

An RV Park near Seattle

Davy, Kelly and David Riddell in Sullivan, Missouri

Recording "Simple Truth" CD

I think it is time for a little contest. Let's use the first two pictures of this post. First, tell me who the girl with the beautiful hairdo is with Kelly Jo in the first picture. Second, tell me where Odie is in the second picture. 

We will send a CD to the person that leaves a the first comment on this post with BOTH answers correct. You will have to be really good to know both answers. We will keep the contest open through Saturday or until we receive a correct answer. Guesses welcome...

Update: There were no winners. I guess I made it a little too hard. Several guessed by comment and text the identity of the girl with Kelly Jo and only two people guessed by text message where Odie was in the picture. The girl was Sarah Blanton (Paul Blanton's daughter) and Odie was in a gym on the property of Mitchell Boggs near La Russell, Missouri. Thanks for participating.



  1. I knw the lil girl is Bro. Paul Blanton's daughter. However i can't remember her name. I hve no clue where Odie is in the second pic!!!!

  2. The little girl with Sis. Kelly is Sarah Blanton...and as for where Odie is at in the 2nd picture...I'm taking a stab in the dark...Fouke???

  3. By the way...that was me...Wavelene Carpenter...that guess Sarah Blanton with Sis. Kelly and took a stab in the dark and guessed Fouke is where Odie was in the 2nd picture...

  4. Well, I am receiving some answers by test message. In fact I am receiving some correct answers but nobody with correct answers to both questions. Keep guessing...


  5. Here's a try.
    1. Sara Blanton
    2. Weir Kansas
    Am I right?

  6. I haven't published the comments yet but several of you have guessed the girl but only one has guessed the right place and that was by text message. You guys are better than I thought...



    1. I have no clue to either picture, can I ask Lisa, and maybe I'll win something... Haha! Love you all! Deb

  7. I dont know who the girl in the first picture is, but Sis. Odie is in the camper. Sorry I did'nt answer both questions.

  8. Happy Birthday to a wonderful cousin that I love so much!! Deborah isaacs


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