Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Help Complete the New Church in Nigeria

The new branch church at Osara Rd. is up and running. As you can read in Bro. Shobanke's report, they had to start having church in the uncompleted building much earlier than they had planned. Praise God for the souls that were saved! 

I want to help them complete this building as soon as possible. Before I left Nigeria I asked Pastor Shobanke to prepare a list of items that need to be completed on the new church along with their prices. You will find that list below.

Perhaps the Lord will lead you or your church to help Bro. Shobanke and his people in this need. One church could buy the doors or windows and another pay for part of the painting. It would not take long to complete the building if we worked together.

What ever you would do would be a blessing to the new saints in this new church. If you would like to send an offering in any amount you may send it to us and we will see that Bro. Shobanke receives EVERY penny of it. Make checks to Boggs Family Ministries and we will forward the funds to him quickly.

Obviously we believe that Bro. Shobanke and his works in Nigeria are a very worthy cause. We have invested our own time and money in them because we know God is saving souls and changing lives though these churches. Bro. Shobanke shows me where every dime is spent because he wants me to know it is not wasted. If you donate funds, you can do so with confidence.

God bless,


Calvary greetings
Praise the Lord.
The below is the quotation estimate to complete our new church... Pray with us.

1. Plastering of the wall-inside and outside of the new church.          $2017.00
2. Painting of the church.      $3667.00
3. Electrical.     $567.00
4. Doors (iron) (3).      $600.00
5. Windows (12). $664.00
6. Window Bars.    $480.00
7. Flooring.     $535.00
Total:       $8,530.00

Eight thousand, five hundred and thirty dollars

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  1. Amen!. Please spread this so we can help building the church for Nigerian. Glad that there some people doing this deed.


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